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Avoiding Neighbour Disputes

House extensions, building work and neighbours

When commencing any new building project, disputes between you and your neighbours could arise, although this is a rare occurrence. A way to reduce the risk of disputes becoming a major issue with your build is to ensure that your neighbours are kept informed throughout the planning and building process and address any concerns as they arise. Although you may consider it an invasion of privacy to give your neighbours step by step information of the progress being achieved, keeping them well informed can be invaluable when it comes to planning applications.
Your architect, architectural designer or architectural technologist will be able to offer you advice on the Party Wall Act, what this entails and what you need to do.

At DMD Architecture we always advise our clients to visit any neighbour that may be affected, as soon as you have an initial set of architectural drawings which shows your proposals. This may be a kitchen extension, orangery, garden room or conservatory.

If you are looking to add an extension to your property a common dispute can relate to the boundaries and this issue is easily resolved by looking at the deeds to a property. If you live in a terraced house or semi-detached and you plan to build on the boundary remember nothing is allowed to cross that boundary line. This includes such things as foundations below ground, rain water pipes and gutters. Your architect will know this and should design your extension with these issues in mind.

Noise is often an issue when building work commences and little can be done to alleviate the problem although being considerate about the times work starts and finishes on each day and working to reduced times during weekends can certainly help. A considerate and tidy builder is always beneficial in situations like this and believe me, they are out there.

If the worst should happen and you feel the difficulties with neighbours is getting out of hand you can look into using a mediation service. This will give you third party involvement assisting you to settle any dispute without any personal feelings interfering with the discussions. You can find civil mediation providers at

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