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Converting Your Garage

Garage Conversions

Not many people these days actually use their garage for their intended purpose – their car. Converting it into a livable room can increase the value of your property as well as gaining extra living space. Before rushing into a decision, ensure you have researched the pros and cons of having a garage, compare the houses with and without garages in your local area. Consider your options, is your garage your only place of storage? What will you do with the items currently in there? Maybe a partial garage conversion leaving some storage would be a better option for you. A great alternative is to invest in a large garden shed to store the garage ‘junk’ freeing up the space for that much needed garage conversion.

Whatever you decide to do with your new room will not only depend on your needs but also how it will impact the rest of the house. You wouldn’t want a utility room next door to your living room but a home office, play room or extra living room could be beneficial especially if you have a growing family. An extra bedroom could be useful, however you need to consider your guests and the lack of bathroom access, unless their is sufficient room to squeeze in a space saving wet room. The room created from the garage tends to be narrow and long, unless it is a double garage and this needs to be kept in mind when planning your conversion.

Contact a local experienced residential architect, architectural technologist or architectural designer with garage conversion experience to design a suitable layout and give you the relevant guidance and advice.

You also need to make the conversion look like a natural part of your house and less like a converted garage, matching the interior decorating to the adjoining room and rest of the house but also the brickwork, materials and windows replacing the garage.
You will need to insulate the walls, floor and windows not only is it part of the building regulations but you would not want a cold damp room.

You don’t usually need planning permission to convert your garage, you will need building regulations consent and sign off for the various elements of your build. Here at DMD Architecture we have carried out many garage conversions in the Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire areas so if you would like professional guidance please contact us for a free no obligation consultation.

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