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Finding Your Self Build Plot

Self Building with Dylan Morton Design & Architecture

Building plots and renovation opportunities are sought after and often snapped up quickly, so if you are considering a self build or renovation project there are some key points which can help you access these opportunities before others.

Find out about the various auctions, both specialist and the auction arms of local estate agents. You are likely to need to register and they are not widely advertised. It is also worth looking online at the Essential Information Group and Plotfinder, which provide listings from auctions. You should also make an offer prior to auction on the off chance it is accepted.

Although registering with your local estate agent is unlikely to yield anything, it is a simple and easy thing to do bearing in mind not all agents recognise self-build opportunities. Pick up local property sections and register with sites such as Rightmove.

Land is sometimes sold with planning permission in place. Local authorities publish weekly lists of applications and decisions on the planning section of their websites, along with the names of their owners or agents. By accessing this information you can, in theory, contact the owner/agent before the plot goes on the market.

Using online tools such as google maps gives you the ability to view side gardens and potential plots using ‘streetview’. This provides good background research and you can then potentially pursue the owners of anything you come across.

Approximately half of self builds are replacement properties. If you remain open minded to this a whole new area of possibilities becomes viable to you. Although bear in mind in such cases there will be residual property value and the potential demolition costs which you must consider.

Keep you eyes open, a polite letter though the door of a particularly run down property could result in the perfect redevelopment opportunity, the potential for refurbishment or the ideal plot for a new build. If you are unable to trace the owners you can contact the land registry which can provide this information at a minimal cost.

Some plots are accessed purely by developers because of their size. If you are able to get together with other self builders, these areas become more feasible for you in a group to take on and divide between you.

Try not to be too fussy, that ideal plot for your new build may not ever become available so don’t restrict yourself with an extensive wish list. Look at the potential each plot provides and take your time. A little patience may pay off to get the plot that suits your requirements.

Architects and local builders come into contact with available plots on regular occasions. Some offer a service where they seek out the plot or renovation opportunity for you for a small fee. This is a valuable service to tap into giving you access to quality plots but freeing up your time leaving this task in the hands of a professional. Dylan Morton Design and Architecture are specialists in planning issues and offer a consultation service to prospective clients wishing to view potential plots and renovation opportunities.

Whether you are planning a new build, renovation or refurbishment, at Dylan Morton Design and Architecture we are experienced in providing a full property and land sourcing service as well as a bespoke architectural design and project management package. For more information please give us a call.

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