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Glass in Architecture, Home Extensions & New Build

Most building and renovation projects, house extensions or new builds that commence nowadays try to incorporate the use of natural light. There are many glazing solutions available at a cost to suit every budget and every build.

Popularity of folding and sliding doors is ever increasing. The practicality, elegance and style they provide, in addition to the opportunity to take advantage of any superb view from the property makes them more desirable than traditional French and patio doors. Bi-fold doors are weather resistant, durable and secure, also giving homes the benefit of the feeling of spaciousness and light. Their multi-panels concertina together maximising the space available. Sliding doors although not offering the same opening size have much larger panes of glass which means un-interrupted views from within your room. At Dylan Morton Design & Architecture we can advise on different styles, materials, colours and point out the structural considerations and requirements.

Consider the direction your extension will be facing and discuss this with your architect so the design will reflect when your build receives the sun. You will also need the help of an architect or architectural technologist to ensure you have sufficient fire escapes and any glazing achieves the correct U-value to meet current building regulations. Creating an overhang, using brise-soleil or solar glazing are all ways of dealing with these important challenges.

Understanding a little about the different glass available may assist you in your choices for the extension, renovation or new build project you commence. Look at the different types of glass available and ask your architect or designer to advise. They can advise on the most suitable glass type such as Low E, tinted or Argon filled and will specify this on your behalf. The type of project will generally dictate what types of glazing will be required and compliance with Building Regulations although personal preferences such as the level of security, privacy, acoustic and thermal properties should also be considered. You may wish to include heated glass which generates warmth much like underfloor heating or Smart tint which can be switched to opaque for the purpose of privacy and glare. It is worth considering the energy efficiency of the glass you choose as this will have an impact on your completed project as well as your future home. Remember that the lower the U-value, the more efficient the glass.

You may wish to consider a glass balustrade in your build, which provide uninterrupted views. This can be designed in by your architect as part of a flat roof extension or balcony to a first floor. The glass balustrade is available without noticeable fixings or may have stainless steel hand rail and posts to complete that contemporary look.

Huge advances in double and triple glazing make glass extensions a more viable option without the concern of being too hot or cold during the different seasons. Your architect can access larger panes, roof lights and folding sliding doors which will bring light into your property. A huge benefit with glass extensions is their quick construction time.

With windows it is important that the option you choose fits your renovation. When looking at windows consider their durability and aftercare. Also quality of fixings differs dramatically. Ensure the window you choose meets lock security standards. Consider their U-value and their energy rating.

An eye catching roof light often transforms an extension or renovation project. They are easy to install and fit in with the style of any property. Velux and Fakro are popular brands and come in numerous designs such as side hung, top hung and pivoted. Electric opening windows are available and roof lights can be provided with rain sensors and connected to a thermostat control. Your architect or architectural designer can design a vaulted roof to your extension or build which will have an added benefit of a more spacious feel and allow in greater levels of light. If you plan a flat roof extension consider a lantern which not only floods your room below with light but also has the benefit of offering that wow factor.

It is essential that the front door to any new project fits the overall look you would like to achieve. It provides your first impression and is an essential part of the whole design. Things to consider include energy efficiency, longevity and security that your chosen door provides. Consider the different materials they are produced in and which suits your needs and style. Things that may effect your choice will include budget and maintenance.
There are some fantastic door styles available these days and you no longer have to stick with traditional designs. At DMD & Architecture we would be happy to guide and advise you, sharing our knowledge with you.

Whether you plan a new build, an extension or renovation, Dylan Morton Design and Architecture can advise and design a project to suit your needs. We can advise on regional planning issues and regulations as well as providing expert knowledge and ideas on all glazing solutions to help create your dream home.

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