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Whether you want a loft conversion, barn conversion, garage conversion, refurbishment, house extension or indeed wish to construct your dream home from scratch with a new build, an architect, architectural technologist, or architectural designer should be an important part of your plans. There are certain things you should consider before the initial consultation which will assist in making the meeting more successful.

Before taking on an architect do some research. There are a number of architectural companies out there and it’s important to find the right one for you. Make the most of the experiences of previous clients. Testimonials are a great way to see what people think of a company and the service they have received. This will give you the ability to choose an architect you can have confidence in, knowing that they provide a service you can be happy with. It also gives you an idea of their quality of work. Also bear in mind the service you will receive, you don’t necessarily get the same service from all architects, technologists and designers, it is not always like for like so it is certainly worth asking exactly what you get for your money at this stage.
Take a look at example drawings because these are such an important part of the process affecting chances of planning permission success, a successful building regulations application and most importantly good detailed drawings allow for accurate pricing from builders and ensure what you want built, gets built.
Look for drawings that provide lots of detail and information and stay away from drawings using such things as a ‘typical section’ . You want to ensure what is drawn is your project and not a typical detail from some other project.

The architect will need to know your realistic budget. This is very important so be completely honest and do any calculations you need to beforehand in order to work out the finances available to you. There is no point in designing an extension, new home or planning internal remodelling for example that you have no chance of being able to achieve for financial reasons. By keeping your budget in mind from day one you can realistically achieve the project that suits you.
At DMDA we listen to your needs rather than applying a preset solution on your project. We offer ideas and guidance throughout all the stages but we know that you’ll be the one living in your house for many years, therefore we work closely with you at each step and stage to ensure that we are meeting your goals and needs.

Think about and create a wish list. You can include as much detail and be as creative as you like. Do some research, consider materials that interest you or that you would like to incorporate and have an ultimate idea what you would like to achieve. Flexibility is key, nothing is set in stone at this stage but it does give your architect an idea of your likes and dislikes and gives you inspiration for later in the project which could save you time in the long run. Mood boards are a great idea. By collecting images, magazine cuttings and articles you can accumulate ideas that really say a lot about you and your tastes.
Create a brief, it may only be a paragraph but tell your architect your requirements as a starting point for the design process.

Make good use of your designer, they have a wealth of knowledge and valuable skills so take advantage of their services. If you have a very set idea of what you want and don’t
explore the possibilities beyond this you may miss out on a solution you hadn’t thought of.

Some architects offer project management services which you should seriously consider making use of. This gives you peace of mind and removes some of the stress knowing that the architect has access to professionals and builders that are reputable. It frees up your time and by having someone oversee the whole project this ensures the build runs smoothly keeping control of timings and costings.

At Dylan Morton Design & Architecture we offer a free initial consultation giving you the chance to meet your designer, ask questions and receive guidance. DMDA are proud to offer a first class, reputable architectural service where flexibility is the key. Throughout the design process, you can expect an unrivalled, attentive and personal approach, no matter whether it’s a kitchen extension, house extension, drawings for a planning application or a new build project.

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  1. Tiling ServicesTiling Services06-29-2012

    Hay Dylan, thanks for sharing such an informative writeup. Yeah agreed with most of your points. Yes research is necessary before taking any decision. It also give you good idea about the market trends and the price differences.

  2. Eleanor SullivanEleanor Sullivan07-08-2014


    I am looking to convert my attic. The space has been partially converted with windows but we need the floor reinforcing and staircase built. Would this be something you can quote for?


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