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Making Your Build Eco-Friendly

Residential Sustainable Architecture

With homeowners increasing awareness of the energy efficiency of their house and the impact on the environment it is sensible to incorporate any adjustments at the time of any renovation, refurbishment or home extension. Some considerations would include insulation, efficient heating and renewable energy features. Other priorities to some individual’s may include using modern technology to create the perfect dwelling & environment for you. At Dylan Morton Design & Architecture we can help turn your ideas into reality & provide you with further suggestions to help create the perfect home to suit your requirements.

By adapting the way in which we renovate and extend our homes, paying specific attention to the materials we use to build them and the overall finishes chosen, we can do a great deal to create a more sustainable environment in which to live.

One way to achieve a more energy efficient property is to make your home airtight. Your extension , renovation or new build project is the perfect opportunity to ensure well fitted doors & windows are introduced. Another consideration for your windows is introducing triple glazing and ensuring any new windows have a high energy rating. It is also worth thinking about adapting your heating system to include solar panels or to change you boiler to a more practical combination boiler.

Energy saving radiators work at a lower temperature and are more energy efficient. Their large surface area of thin fins means they produce a heat level equivalent or excelling that of a conventional radiator. Also underfloor heating can be more cost effective than general heating systems. In addition they do not produce and spread dust as warm air fans and conventional radiators do.

Eliminate areas of damp from your property during the building process. These areas can be identified and resolved while changing the environmental conditions to eradicate the possibilities of this problem returning.

Introduce water saving devices. These can be as simple as flow reducing taps, efficient washing machines to a reduced flush volume on your toilet. You may also consider rainwater harvesting as part of your new build, renovation or extension and include some grey water recycling.

Other products you may want to consider include using insulating paint which can reduce the energy loss from your home by 10 to 30%. Look into flooring that is easier to keep dust free that will help reduce allergen levels. There are also products such as antibacterial wallpapers and worktops you may wish to include in your project.

At Dylan Morton Design & Architecture our highly skilled team can design your eco build while offering professional advice on how to achieve an environmentally friendly renovation that suits your requirements.

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