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Maximising Your Living Space

Space Planning and Remodelling

It is important that when your space is limited, you utilise every square metre available to you. Spacial planning to fit your lifestyle can be incredibly effective. A good start would be to consider what your home is often used for, for instance, if you often eat out is it unlikely that your kitchen area is as important to you as the area you relax and wind down in or your sleeping area. It is therefore worth looking at keeping certain areas more compact to allow space for the areas you will spend most of your time in.

Consider making the areas where you are cutting space very practical. There are numerous space saving initiatives that can be incorporated to make your living area viable as well as stylish. Look out for clever designs that would suit your needs.

Some questions you may consider asking yourself include, do you entertain at home? Do you often cook or do you tend to microwave your meals? Do you prefer showers or baths? Do you need a dedicated work area? What are your leisure activities, for instance are you a bookworm needing storage for books?

Once you have worked out your priorities it is worth arranging for a professional to discuss and plan your living space. A number of architects, architectural technologists and architectural designers provide a free consultation service. They will provide expert help in utilising the living space that will fit your budget. An architect can provide you with ideas you may not have previously considered whilst listening to your preferences and requirements.

At Dylan Morton Design and Architecture we can offer an expert service giving you practical advice in all areas of renovation, extending and planning. For more information please give us a call. We cover all of Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire.

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